The purpose of this blog and our books are to encourage, inspire and support.

We take care of everything else for our children, how about giving their self-esteem a ‘shot in the arm’?

Out of every ‘thing’ that we as parents and caretakers can give, what better present than the gift of self-esteem? It takes time and a real investment to build, but stays with our children, protects them and guides them through the rest of their lives. It’s a gift that our children will pass along to their children.

Our children need to focus on more than winning the big game, being the hero and saving the day.  They need to know that is going to take hard work, that they may fall or fail, but they can never give up on themselves. This blog and our books are a pat on the back, a reassuring hug and a small vote of confidence for when ‘life’ happens. Isn’t that what we all could use?This blog is a reminder that persistence pays off. There is power in persistence.

This blog is also a reminder for the adults as well. It’s never to late for us to get that ‘shot in the arm’. Self-esteem and confidence feel good at any age.

We invite you to browse our blog and our books for encouragement, inspiration and support. Thank you for visiting.

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